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This centre contains a range of activities which allow you to explore some properties of materials. Choose your activity by clicking on one of the links below. New activities are added on a regular basis, so please keep visiting the site to see what's new. If you have a good idea for an activity, please use the Feedback link to send it to us - we'd love to hear it!

Teachers: use the new For Teachers link above to see these activities presented alongside the National Curriculum, the OCR Applied Science GSCE specification and with the QCA Schemes of Work

Heat conduction Which materials conduct heat the best?
Electrical conduction Which materials conduct electricity the best?
Electric circuits What is an electric circuit?
Electromagnets How can we turn magnets on and off?
Permanent magnets What can we find out about magnetic fields?
Corrosion Which metals resist corrosion the best?
Bendiness Which materials are most bendy?
Stretchiness Which materials are most stretchy?
Solids,liquids and gases When do materials change between solids, liquids and gases?

These activities are designed for virtual ie electronic learning only. Do not try them at home or in a real lab without adult supervision.
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